About Us

Poosly - this is a news aggregator.

News aggregator is fully automated. This mean - it works without any manual intervention. Aggregator collect most breaking news about cryptocurrencies from the Internet, matches them with other similar news, and add them to public feed.

All content published on this site present only a summary of the news and necessarily contains a reference to the original source.


The system consists of several components (microservices) and working through Docker.

1. Crawler

This service collect (crawl, grab) news from the Internet.

Technologies: Python 3, GrabLib, FeedParser

2. Matcher

This service make matches between news (find related or most interested news).

Technologies: Python 3, python-Levenshtein

3. Front

This is front-end. Web application which provide user interface (web site).

Also this service responsible for social publishing.

Technologies: PHP 7.2 (Symfony 3.4), Nginx, Supervisord, Cron