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Our process for adding new assets to Coinbase & GDAX (March 2018 update)

Our process for adding new assets to Coinbase & GDAX (March 2018 update)

We’ve received feedback from customers that they want more assets on Coinbase. Building on our previous post, we want to share additional information about how we manage the process of adding new assets to our platform. By sharing this information, we hope to provide transparency into our process and increase customer trust.

Our current process for adding new assets to Coinbase:

  1. An internal asset selection committee uses our Digital Asset Framework to make an initial recommendation of which new asset to add to GDAX. As part of this process, the committee will conduct a legal and risk assessment of the proposed asset.
  2. If the asset passes by the legal and risk review, the recommended asset is presented to the Coinbase executive team for approval.
  3. If approved by the executive team, the asset selection committee promptly announces which new asset will be added to our platform. This decision is announced both internally and to the public via our blog and Twitter.
  4. The engineering team begins the technical integration needed to support the new asset. Customers can expect to see public-facing APIs and other signs that the asset is being added.
  5. An announcement is made via our blog and Twitter when we begin final testing of the technical integration.
  6. An announcement is made via our blog and Twitter when the integration is complete and we are ready to allow deposits of the asset. We will always allow at least 24 hours of deposits before opening an order book for a new asset.
  7. After evaluating factors such as liquidity, price stability, and other market health metrics, the internal asset selection committee may choose to add the asset to the Coinbase platform.